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Who are we ?

TDM Aerospace, SARL (TDM) is an airplane parts manufacturer established in Morocco by veteran aerospace entrepreneurs. From an audacious idea conceived on a park bench in South Carolina, TDM was born in Casablanca in March 2018 and, in an astonishingly short period, concluded a Long-­Term Agreement (LTA) with Boeing—the first of its kind for a company with no employees, no building, and no equipment. The time span from concept to contract was 21 MONTHS.

Through TDM, H2E recognized the opportunity to be at the leading edge of an aerospace industry transformation in Morocco over the next 10 to 20 years. So, they enlisted Moroccan investors and relocated with their young families to Casablanca in early 2018. Boeing validated the concept and rewarded TDM’s founders, investors, and the Kingdom with a multi­‐year contract, thereby setting in motion the next stage of Morocco’s aerospace industry development.

VISION = Purpose + Core Values + Mission


We help our customers sell more of the products they make and afford to develop new ones.

Core Values & Beliefs

1. Before all things, we protect the health and safety of our people and community, including the environment,
2. The Customer comes first, whether internal or external,
3. Customers deserve satisfaction based on capable processes managed by qualified teams,
4. We operate in an environment of honesty, openness, and mutual respect,
5. We give and take constructive criticism, then act to improve,
6. Our people deserve opportunities to learn and grow,
7. Our stakeholders deserve measurable benefits from our work.

Mission 2019*

By December 31, 2019, TDM will be a qualified supplier to Boeing.

*On December 11, 2018, achieved its 2018 Mission with the signing of a long-­‐term contract with
Boeing for 787 tubes and ducts and defined its new Mission for 2019.

Leadership Team

Louis Winoski

Investor and co-­Founding Partner—Strategy

Lou Winoski is an equity investor and co-founder of TDM Aerospace and Homeric Enterprise Engineering (H2E). He is the founder and managing partner of Homeric Partners, LLC, a consulting firm advising organizations in Vision development and Strategy. A seasoned leader with 31 years of executive experience across a broad range of leadership positions including owner, CEO, President, Managing Director, Chairman and board member of a variety of manufacturing, service, and engineering design concerns in the US, Canada, Europe, and Africa. His expertise spans strategic planning, business development, capital raising, mergers and acquisitions, integration of diverse entities, operations, and supply chain optimization. [more…]

Juergen Viehrig

Investor and co-­Founding Partner—Business Execution

Juergen Viehrig is an equity investor and co-­founder of TDM Aerospace and Homeric Enterprise Engineering (H2E). An entrepreneurial leader with 20 years of international, executive management experience, Juergen is expert at establishing, certifying, and ramping up aerospace production companies, and fulfilling large, complex projects, with expansive technical knowledge, risk analysis expertise, and strategic, decision-­making talent. He is a result‐oriented team builder, recruiting and guiding multinational, multifunctional teams, mentoring managers to top performance, and consulting customers to initiate projects and set up production. [more…]

John “JR” Patopea

Partner and Investor—Business Development

JR Patopea is a partner in H2E having worked with Lou Winoski since 1994 in a variety of technical business development roles with a focus on the Boeing Commercial Airplane Company in Seattle. Resident in Seattle, JR entered the aerospace industry as a manufacturer’s sales representative for Patco in 1980. In 1986, he established his own independent sales rep firm, Aviation Sales International (ASI). ASI evolved as a natural consequence of success with an increasingly global clientele. Throughout his career, JR has sought out and represented innovative products and technologies that brought significant performance, cost, and quality benefits to aerospace OEMs and upper Tier suppliers. [more…]