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TDM aerospace was initially established for one customer—Boeing—and one program—the 787 Dreamliner.  The operation is a “Focus Factory” having a narrow product line, very deep capacity, and lean structure.  It’s built on the concept of velocity.  The faster the product moves, the greater the customer satisfaction, which TDM measures as Quality, Cost, Delivery, Risk (QCDR).  The better the QCDR, the greater the rewards for TDM’s stakeholders—customers, employees, owners, partners, community, and environment.

We are not entitled to the business our customers create.  Each time OEMs launch a new program, they bet the company, taking on great risks while creating opportunities for suppliers like TDM.  We are privileged to have the chance to compete for their business.  At TDM, we take that privilege seriously and it is reflected in our company’s purpose—to enable our customers to sell more of the products they make and afford to develop new ones.

Our focus is on one customer at a time.  Today, and for as long as we aspire to our Purpose, that customer is Boeing and we will reward their trust.

That said, our Vision has room for new customers.  Our approach is to create for each a Focus Factory, under the TDM umbrella, that delivers sustainable QCDR and enduring value.  Our culture is one of complete transparency wherein nothing is hidden from the customer—no number, no fee, no factor, no profit, no problem.  What you see is what you get.

We create very detailed models of every business opportunity, simulating the operational and business characteristics of the enterprise such that they can be stress-tested, scaled, and optimized for performance and risk.  There is little or no daylight between the plan and the actual.

We at TDM welcome the opportunity demonstrate our plan focus our factory on new customer opportunities.