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• CNC Bending
• 3D inspection with laser and Optical CMMs
• Degreasing
• Trimming/facing
• Organic and alkaline cleaning
• Orbital arc welding
• Swaging (internal and external)
• Nondestructive testing (X-­ray and dye penetrant)
• Pressure testing
• Marking
• Final inspection
• Packaging and labeling
• Shippin


Supply Chain

• Focused supply chain construction and management
• Kitting to internal production
• Kitting to final assembly at customer


Institut des Métiers de l’Aéronautique (IMA) – Work force aerospace skills training

4PL Partner (to be announced) Raw material supply, kitting, JIT, logistics

Schwarze-Robitec Integrated CNC bending and measurement cells

SGS – Radiographic and non-destructive testing cell

TestfuchsIntegrated pressure test/cleaning cell

UniverSAP – SAP Implementation Partner for ERP System

Velocity Wins

TDM is a focus factory, designed using lean principles and operated under a philosophy of continuous improvement.  Focus means the product line variability is small and capacity is large, resulting in scalability with minimal additional Overhead and G&A costs.

We operate on the principle of velocity—the faster the process moves the higher the customer satisfaction.  All tube fabrications are based on a 6-day, un-expedited flow, from the outset, with a continuous improvement plan to reduce that to 1 day.  True 4-hour, expedited AOG response is available from Day 1.