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VISION = Purpose + Core Values + Mission​

Our Purpose

We help our customers sell more of the products they make and afford to develop new ones.

Core Values & Beliefs

1. Before all things, we protect the health and safety of our people and community, including the environment,
2. The Customer comes first, whether internal or external,
3. Customers deserve satisfaction based on capable processes managed by qualified teams,
4. We operate in an environment of honesty, openness, and mutual respect,
5. We give and take constructive criticism, then act to improve,
6. Our people deserve opportunities to learn and grow,
7. Our stakeholders deserve measurable benefits from our work.

Mission 2019*

By December 31, 2019, TDM will be a qualified supplier to Boeing.

*On December 11, 2018, achieved its 2018 Mission with the signing of a long-­‐term contract with
Boeing for 787 tubes and ducts and defined its new Mission for 2019.